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Isn't it comforting to know that you can leave your pet in good hands at your veterinarian's office while you are away?


At Curtis Road Animal Hospital, we offer clean indoor guest facilities for your pet.

We offer separate rooms according to the appropriate size of your animal. Cats are housed in a small room, completely separate from dogs in order to minimize stress.

We encourage you to visit our facilities and ask for a tour of the lodging area before you leave your animal so that you can feel comfortable about your pet's visit.



This is what we can offer for your animal when they are a guest with us.

  • Three to Four times daily exercise outside in our fenced yard. (For dogs)

  • Daily bedding changes (or as needed, if bedding becomes soiled)

  • Twice daily feeding of your own provided food or our recommended house brand*

  • Administration of medications

  • Any treats or toys that you would like provided.

  • Sunday evening pick-up 5:00-6:00pm (by prior notification)

  • Access to veterinary services while they are visiting with us.

  • A nice refreshing bath or pedicure before they go home, if requested.



In order to ensure the safety of your pet, other pets staying with us, and our staff, we do have the following requirements to be up-to-date:

For Dogs:

  1. Rabies vaccine

  2. Distemper/Parvo vaccine

  3. Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine

  4. A fecal exam within the past year if on a parasite prevention program OR within the last month if not on a prevention program. Note: if your dog is receiving a monthly "Heartworm" prevention, it does provide intestinal parasite protection as well.

  5. A Leptospirosis vaccine is not required at this time, but is highly recommended.

For Cats:

  1. Rabies vaccine

  2. FVRCP vaccine (feline viral rhinotracheitis calcivirus panleukopenia)

  3. A fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites within the past year if "indoor only" OR within the last month if he/she ventures outdoors and is not on parasite prevention.



We will be glad to update any unmet requirements while your pet is staying with us. Please be aware, however, that all animals will receive an exam by the doctor prior to any vaccine administration or medication dispensed (in the case of a positive stool test for parasites). Also, some vaccines need over 48 hours to provide adequate protection. Animals requiring vaccination should arrive no later than 2 hours prior to close to allow us to monitor for any adverse reaction.

How soon in advance do I need to make my reservation?

During low volume times, we can usually accommodate next day reservations. During holidays (and Spring Break) rooms fill up quickly and it is not unusual for us to have reservations that were made 6 months in advance. Also, space for large dogs is limited and runs can fill up over most weekends.


Therefore, we advise you to make your boarding reservations as soon as you know that you will need them.


Aside from vaccinations, are there any other requirements that need to be met?

Yes, all pets are also required to be free from fleas. Even though a kennel environment is prohibitive to flea development and animals don't intermingle, we require an animal to be free of fleas in order to prevent infestation of our hospital yard.  Any animal found to have fleas will be treated per Doctor recommendation.


Do you board guinea pigs?

Yes. We can also house your rabbit, ferrets, or pocket pets while you are away. We ask that you provide an appropriate enclosure, bedding (for an extended stay), water bottle(s), and your pet's food and treats. Call us for specific arrangements.


Can you medicate my pet while boarding?

Under most circumstances, yes. We are able to administer most oral, ear, topical, and some injectable medications during your pet's stay. Medications MUST be labeled with your pet's name, your name, drug enclosed, dosing instructions, and current dating. Due to operating hours, we are unable to administer medications requiring an 8 hour interval (3 times daily) or medications requiring strict monitoring (they may be admitted to "hospitalization"). The administration of up to 3 medications twice daily will incur a $4 per day charge.If your pet is not a patient of ours and is on multiple medications, or has significant medical concerns, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with one of our Doctors prior to boarding admittance. This will give you the comfort of knowing who will be with your animal in the event of an emergency and the Doctor can give you advice about what to expect while he/she is boarding here.

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